Our Mission

  • Randy Chevrier, Keon Raymond and Kevin Glenn talk Life Choice Dynamics

    Statistics show that 90% of all CFL players have no idea what their career of choice will be when football is over.  This leads to some very disturbing stats; 78% of players are bankrupt and 50% of all divorces occur within 2 years of retirement. LCD has developed a program that will assist players to prepare for a successful transition from football into a post football career and civilian life.

    Life Choice Dynamics is a group of like-minded people who are also concerned about ‘life after the game’. The goal is to help CFL players attain their full potential as individuals after football; as career professionals, husbands and fathers.

    Life Choice Dynamics grew out of the personal experiences of its founder, Jack Fulton. In 2005 Jack became close friends with CFL Hall of Famer Alondra Johnson (AJ) following AJ’s retirement from the CFL. Jack became increasingly aware of both the personal and professional adjustment difficulties that AJ was experiencing and this prompted Jack to seek help for his friend. He found little or no organized support, either through the medical community or the league and when he further researched how professional athletes fare after their careers he was shocked at what he found related to mental illness, addiction, divorce, financial hardship, unemployment and suicide. He learned that these issues were broadly applicable to not just the CFL but to professional sport as a whole and he vowed to help, in whatever way he could.

    Jack was able to pull together an array of resources to assist not just his friend AJ but others like him, and now, the team as a whole.

    Life Choice Dynamics – From the inside out